76’ers Field House

Wilmington, DE

Flo Mechanical holds the plumbing contract for this brand new 161,000 square foot sports complex which is complete with three NBA size Basketball Courts, two indoor turf soccer fields, a Performance & Training Facility as well as Retail and Office Space.

Cokesbury Village Clubhouse

Hockessin, DE

Plumbing & HVAC work for retirement home renovation.

Queen Annes Courthouse

Centreville, MD

60,000 Sq. Foot Municipal Building complete with chillers, boilers, air handlers, and plumbing.

LaMotte Laboratory Addition

Chestertown, MD

Flo Mechanical is currently handling the plumbing and HVAC contracts for the new addition to the LaMotte Company facility in Chestertown, MD. This includes the installation of VRF systems.

Perry Point Potable Water Treatment Facility

Perryville, MD

Flo Mechanical currently holds the plumbing contract for the water treatment facility at the Perry Point VA Medical Center.

Post Acute Medical

Dover, DE

Flo Mechanical is handling the plumbing and HVAC installation for the new Post Acute Medical facility in Dover, Delaware.

VA Warehouse 360

Perryville, MD

Plumbing & HVAC for complete warehouse renovation.

Washington College Hodson Boathouse

Chestertown, MD